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December 20, 2012


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Teen Titans: Go! vs Teen Titans

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 20, 2012, 12:47 AM

Teen Titans: Go...? Teen Titans, Go!...?

For arguments sake, let's just call it TTG vs TT. Yeah. I'm sure you all knew I was referring to the new spin-off series of the original Teen Titans. Y'know. The one that everybody demanded then so turned out that that same group hates it? :D Anyway,  I thought I'd voice my opinion here and now since the only better thing I have to do right now is romance Alistair in Dragon Age: Origins. LOL. ONWARD!

:star:WARNING: Many bipolar moments, blunt opinions, swearing and off-track ramblings. You may leave if you wish not to read. That's RIGHT! 8D Free use of your own browser, who knew?!

Also, I bring up a couple of things in regards to animation, but I'm in no way a professional. I'm probably using the wrong terminology. LOL Oh, and I apologise in advance if any of my facts about DC Comics here are wrong/misleading or confusing. It's been a while, okay guys? D: Been busy assassinating things in the 1700s, drawing for money, romaning NPC's...LOOOL. ;___;

I thought it'd be fun to address a couple of things about it since I haven't really done so via journal, just in lengthy debates between people on some deviations. Teen Titans seems to have gotten lost among all the Young Justice I go on about and quite honestly, I like Teen Titans more, believe it or not. But not for the reasons you may assume.

No, I don't like it more because I think Teen Titans is so gosh darn action packed and bad-ass. I like it more because it's funny. LOL. Don't know if any of you have noticed by looking at my gallery, but I do prefer more light hearted themes over the darker ones. That's all Young Justice seems to dish out and it became very...cumbersome. Now that that's out of the way, onto the issues (if you really want to call them that, lol) about this new spin-off.

I always see two main arguments/complaints about TTG in comparison to TT.

1. TTG is a major let down! We wanted a season 6! I HATE IT AND WILL NEVER ACCEPT IT!
Translation: It's not season 6/has no apparent continuity and therefore shouldn't be given a chance. BECAUSE MY SHIP/S AREN'T IN IT!
Solution: Give it a FUCKING CHANCE. :|
2. The animation in TTG compared to TT is sooo terrible! I HATE IT!  
Translation: I don't like chaaange!

Solution: ...CHANCE IT.


In short? Your expectations were/are too high. But that'd make this too easy, and this journal too short. :iconohstopityouplz: Here's what I really think:

Okay. I'll admit it, I was...shocked to hear that they're renewing the show after it being cancelled for so long, which only shows it has/had a pretty huge fan base-- which I am part of. Not even kidding, I ran around all happy about it. :XD: However, I was also kind of...taken aback by the animation style, their designs and by the whole lack of continuity (BECAUSEYESMYSHIPAHHSHIT). But, ultimately, you can't really diss it, can you?

Here's the reasons I think why:

1. A new team is working on it (for the most part, I believe).
2. New plot (if you can call it that...), ergo a new take on the characters which is set in between the seasons aired.
3. What could you possibly hope they would go on with for season 6?
4. You're damn well lucky it's back at all. :stare:

Now, there's not a lot out about TTG yet, but what we've gotten from the limited sources is that it's going to be more comedy ba--


DDDDDD8< BACK! BACK, I SAY FANGIRL! :iconslapslapplz:

--SED. IT'S GOING TO BE COMEDY BASED. Which, in my opinion, is far better than trying to take a kids show in the other direction. Because yes, let's face it: Teen Titans was made to appeal to the kids.


Another thing I'll admit, I liked the 'serious stuff' in Teen Titans...when I was a kid. I was 11-12 when it came out and that's when I got the most enjoyment out of it. But, ultimately I think the humour is what carried it through and is what helped it keep its fan-base after so long. Because, think about it, you guys...

How many superhero shows do you see that bases itself around humour? Granted, a little dry at times, but overall? Good for a giggle. It had its pretty standard set-up with the main characters, too:

:bulletred:Robin: Token hot-headed leader with a chip on his shoulder and an unmentionable past.
:bulletorange:Starfire:Token sweetheart to said hot-headed leader that likes playing damsel in distress for him despite being able to hurl him through several walls with ease :B
:bulletpurple:Raven:Token misunderstood, shy gothic girl that prefers to be left alone.
:bulletgreen:Beast Boy: Token comedy relief kid with a child-like love for stupid things and video games. OH, wait. HE IS A KID! 8D
:bulletblue:Cyborg:Token secondary source of comedic relief, 'brother' to other team members, can be a bit of a hot-head and is also the eldest.

...:music: It's rainin' TOKENS! HALLELUJAH! :icondancenaoplz:

Oh, hey. Would'ya look at that. They all come from different cultural backgrounds. Huh.


Now, we all should know that already. Right? Right. I think the overall dynamic for the team was good, despite them not exactly being true to their comic counter-parts. But, whatever. It's a kids show, right? RIGHT. :iconyesmemeplz:

Actually, looking back now-- they really shouldn't have used the Teen Titans for the basis of a kids show at all. They could've made it more like The Justice League, instead. And replaced Teen Titans with another team you may or may not be familiar with... oh, say...Young Justice. The actual Young Justice team (from the comics). Not this obscure mash-up of Teen Titans/Young Justice/Justice League. :| BECAUSE, LET'S FACE IT: MOST OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS IN YOUNG JUSTICE (animated) ARE ESSENTIALLY TEEN TITANS/TITANS AT SOME POINT, ANYWAY. The histories of the individual members of the Teen Titans most people know aren't exactly kid-friendly, anyhow and were all taken down a notch or two to cater for kids.


Pretty princess Starfire? In the show, well, she said to be a 'prize' for the Gordanians? In the comics? Sex slave. Mmhm. :B Basically wears nothing.
Don't get me wrong, though. I still like her. Kind-of-sort-of. I like her in my head. LOL

You can look up the rest if you don't know or aren't aware.

Also, here's another thing. What's associated as the 'Teen Titans' now, isn't exactly right. It is, but it isn't. :B PREPARE TO BE AMAZED! 8D:… See: 'Original Incarnation'.

See? The original-original team consisted of: Robin, Speedy, Wonder Girl (Donna Troy, not Cassie Sandsmark A.K.A. the one from Young Justice), Aqualad and Kid Flash.

There was an original-original team before the one that was show-cased on the cartoon. :iconnowayowlplz:

The team you know of that was used on the show: Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg are from 'The New Teen Titans' by Marv Wolfman and George Perez.

So, Robin came before any of them, which is why he isn't highlighted. He was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger way before any of this came about. I think in the 1940s? Not 100% on that and am too lazy to go and check. LOOKING GOOD FOR A 70 YEAR OLD, DICK. IF I DO SAY SO MAHSELF. :iconimallembarrassedplz:




Point is, how can anyone take the characters seriously? Honestly? They were all 'dumbed down' and made into a joke. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not exactly ideal either, right? Fun, but not anything that can be thought of as a show in the same league as...The Justice League. :iconwhatyoudidplz:  

:iconfanboyingplz::iconsaysplz: But the fight scenes were sooo cool! So badass and intense!!



I'd like to point out once more: As a kid, it served its purpose. I certainly can't animate and I drew them all the time a few years back. It was a great learning curve for me. But now? I'm sorry, I can't and never will take Teen Titans as a serious, gripping show.

I honestly felt that the writers didn't know what they wanted to do with the show as far as a flowing theme or genre went. I know that Glen Murakami's idea was to mix a Western and Eastern style of animation (i.e. comics [in this case] and anime) into one, but, they're just too different. They're two different styles for a reason, amirite?

While Anime is more stylised, most comic books (that I've seen/read/heard about) are made to be more anatomically correct and 'human looking', for lack of a better phrase. By all means it's of course possible to mix the two together into a single style-- but that style needs to have a consistency to it that works. You can't sort of favour one over the other. It was painfully clear that Teen Titans was more Eastern than Western. Which of course there's nothing wrong with anime, or people who like it. It's just...why didn't they go the full way into anime so it would be consistent? I guess that's my main beef with the animation in Teen Titans. Not consistent enough. The idea was there, the execution wasn't.

Other superhero shows like Justice League, The Batman, Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League: Unlimited and Young Justice all have a single style that's consistently used throughout the entire series.

Take Ben 10, for example. Murakami worked on that, and it didn't randomly jump to some ultra-stylised cut scene from a 'serious' looking one every two seconds. Starting to see where I'm coming from? Let me show you some stills from Teen Titans to elaborate my point further:

I'll use one episode as my example, one with (in my opinion) the best animation of the entire series: Sisters, from season 1, if I recall.
Incidentally, it's also what got me started on shipping RobStar. JUST SAYIN'.
So, here we have some pretty decent screencaps from the episode, the anatomy isn't perfect, but it's pretty good for the animation style and the best from the series overall.



Hm?! :iconragefaceplz:

Oh. :iconimhappyplz:

WOAH. WOAHWOAHWOAH. You're telling me, that people take this seriously? And let me tell you, this isn't all of it from the episode, but it's certainly there and it's certainly significantly less than what the rest of the series has. The transitions weren't even limited to say, when they're at home or having a laugh, no, they were also randomly thrown in when there was supposed to be an intense fighting scene going on. THE ONE PLACE THAT YOU (or, I, at least) DON'T WANT THAT KIND OF SHIT TO HAPPEN. AND THAT SAYS SOMETHING, DON'T YOU THINK?

You know what it says to me? The creators don't take the show itself seriously enough. How am I expected to? Want to know why they probably didn't take it seriously enough?

It's a kids show.

Now, I definitely can't criticise anyone for enjoying a kids show, or any cartoon, really. That's not what I'm trying to say, even if it comes off like that. Bottom line is, the people who think TTG is going to be a piece of assballs simply because it's 'taking away from the serious aspect' need a reality check. What kids show should be obligated to have a serious allure to it? None that I know of. But then, I feel like the creators tried midway when they discovered they had a wider range of an audience watching, but ultimately failed. Ask anyone that knows me personally, he or she will tell you I live by that shit. HAVE YOU SEEN MY JAMMIES AND FIGURINES?! 8D

While I understand the idea behind the transitions from 'normal' to 'chibi'/exaggerated expressions (to make it more light hearted, or perhaps convey the feelings more obviously to the children of the audience), but, seriously? Seriously. COME ON. I'm not saying Teen Titans couldn't be both serious and funny, but what I am saying that it's extremely hard to actually take it seriously with such a style of animation. Again it's the consistency. I might take it slightly more seriously if it were constantly the staple (whatever that may be, the quality kept declining and then spiking) animation style. Y'know, when they look 'normal'.


So, a thought just occurred. It's like they tried using the wonky/inconsistent animation style to help push along the comedy of the show. Which, quite honestly? Didn't really need it. As I said, some of the humour and jokes were corny/dry, but, come on...Superheroes making jokes (or trying to) is funny enough. :XD: Especially teenaged ones, at that. HA-HA...Puberty. 8,D

Now that I've covered the bases that are most pertinent to the 'issue' or fear of the new spin-off not having the 'serious qualities' of the old one, let's get back to TTG and-- OH WAIT. I SHOULD JUST STOP HERE BECAUSE LO AND BEHOLD, THEY'RE THE FUCKING SAME THING ONLY WITH A DIFFERENT STYLE OF ANIMATION.

...What? We still have time left? :iconokayfaceplz:.


ALRIGHT, SO. What we know about TTG thusfar:

1. Comedic/fun with more about what goes on with them living as roommates.

Before you get your panties in a bunch about the second point-- think about it. Look at the stills. There's so much more artistic freedom in 'morphing' the characters and it'll work. It won't look as...demented and it'll fit right in with the idea of making the show funny.  

First point there? Don't know about you guys, but when watching the show-- even as a kid, I wondered where Batman was, why Robin wouldn't take off his mask, why we never got to see them 'venture to the mall of shopping' and well, be themselves. You see them playing video games and whatnot, but you never see Dick, Garfield, Vic, Rachel and Kori (then again, when don't you see Kori in the comics? :iconwhatyoudidplz: BUTTHATSNOTMYPOINT) being themselves. The excuse for this was that kids may not understand them having secret identities. WAY TO UNDERESTIMATE MY GENERATION. :| I grew up watching Batman and Robin, FFS. (LOL Burt Ward, I love youuu. :iconwhatdoesitmeanplz:).



'Nosyarg Kcid' (Fractured), Raven all going into his head and using her dang-ass eyes on his which was CREEPY and seeing his parents falling to their deaths (Haunted) and the whole 'I ALREADY HAVE A FATHER *BATMAN FORESHADOWING*' (Apprentice Pt I)-- NOT GOOD ENOUGH. :iconangrydededeplz:
'My Stone!' (Deception)-- Great job, Cyborg. Use your real I.D. as a secret I.D...Hiding in plain site, I get it now! 8D Still... :stare:
'HFKJSDHFKJSHKORIAND'RX'HAL!' (Betrothed) -- .............



You know what? Beast Boy and Raven were the only ones that kind of sort of had some focus on their 'alter egos'. Even though Raven wasn't called Rachel or anything, she had a whole season about her/Trigon and you see her go to Azarath and meet Arella.

Beast Boy met up with his 'other family' The Doom Patrol and even got called by his real name directly (Garfield). Hm. HMMMMMMMMMM. Noticed nobody gave a shit and just kept calling him Beast Boy, anyway. LOL.

:iconsnapedisbeliefplz::iconsaysplz:10 POINTS TO YOUNG JUSTICE FOR USING THE SECRET IDENTITIES SUCCESSFULLY. Dick still seems to have a bit of trouble with it, but the little guy is learning, bless him. ; u;

Okay, I'll admit. The nods to the secret identities were clever, but let's face it-- people who don't know any better wouldn't care/pick up on them. How hard can it be to just have them call each other by their real names? DICK ISN'T A SWEAR WORD, YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE.


And already, by the brief descriptions about the new show, it appears that we'll get to see more of the good stuff. Granted, I doubt they're going to indulge the alter-egos and identities, but hey. It's better than nothing. Even if they do look a little different. And, in my opinion, in 're-birthing' the show as they did was all they could do and you, as the fans, should appreciate and support that, not shun it. Because as I said: We're lucky enough it's back in the first place. So show some damn respect to the people working behind the scenes. The original voice cast all got back together and are doing the voices of the main five, what more can you ask for within reason? And don't say season six, you're being stupid if you do. I've had so many people coming up to ask me to sign some dang-ass petition to get the word around to the producers or CN. NOPE. I love the show, don't ruin it. You want pointless drama in the superhero genre? Go watch Young Justice.

Donna, I'm waiting! :la:

:iconfangtasticplz::iconsaysplz: But there needs to be a season six! There's like, so many things left unanswered!


:iconsighingedwardplz: ...Okay. Here we go.

Of course there were some plot-holes in the original show that may or may not have been addressed in a 6th season (i.e. Red X's identity,more on Starfire, Cyborg and Robin's pasts, being explored, etc), but then, after that's all said and done...then what? They covered all the comic book arcs that were of importance and then killed it by making the movie (YES. I HATE THE MOVIE. ALL IT WAS GOOD FOR WAS ROB/STAR AND YES THAT MAKES ME GOOEY ON THE INSIDE, BUT THAT'S IT! D<). There would be nothing more to continue on with then we'd be back to the whole 'bring back season ass!' thing.

Here's something else to think about: Ever stop to consider that the original team that worked on TT are, oh, I don't know...BUSY? Working on other projects? WELL? :iconangryfinnplz:

Besides, Young Justice now fills the void of seriousness you all seem to crave. In fact, it's overkill and contributes to me really, really wanting to see the new TTG series' humour. :B

Now I'm perfectly aware that people can throw into my face that it's the animation style/mix that gives it its charm and whatnot well, all I have to say to that is:

:iconmingplz: Your side of the Internet is over there. -----> :|

In other news...

I've got a commission due before Christmas for :iconjudedeluca: and I'm also working on a...Teen Titans Christmas picture! LOLOLOL. Gonna go and try to have a life. By romancing Alistair. Okay. Bye. C:


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2toneSoldier Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
I gave TTG! a chance and I just don't like the style of humor it feels like they're trying too hard to be funny at most times.
kittycakez Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
To each their own, I suppose. I find the new series to be quite good.
2toneSoldier Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
Compared to Marvel's Superhero Squad Show and Batman: The Brave & the bold I find TTG to be subpar in terms of a superhero comedy, but then again I like subtle or satirical humor over nonsensical humor. Also the other comedies I've mentioned utilized a wider slew of characters.
kittycakez Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
It really does depend on your particular sense of humour, I suppose.
TTProject Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
This was temporarily featured here: [link]
kittycakez Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Temporarily....? :XD:

Thanks, though!
TTProject Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
That's cause this one journal will update and change who is featured. lol
kittycakez Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh, okay. :B Thanks again!
Scintillant-H Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013   General Artist

I disagree on a lot of points--
(I liked the chosen flexible animation style of the old TT; I liked the "no secret identities"; I liked the humor/action blend)
--but first of all, I love when people voice their opinion in length (y'know as long as it's not being all "troll", if it's hyperactive venting I love it, just not when it's all mean and intentionally hurtful) even if it's a negative opinion.

second of all, I do agree with your implied opinion that everyone else is being stupid (the morons signed the petition then complain) and even though I have all the same complaints that they do-I WASNT DUMB ENOUGH TO SIGN THE THING. Just LOOKING at the kinds of shows CN has on anymore tell you how badly any new TT show will suck rabid donkey balls.

Third... I HATED THE MOVIE TOO. Trouble in Tokyo? PUH-LEAS. It was obvious "lets milk what we can out of the fanbase that's upset over the show's cancellation" and they threw in a bunch of junk "hey, they all love japanese stuff, send the Titans to Japan! hey, they all love the romance crap, finally have Robin kiss Starfire!" and it was all in the name of money.

ya wanna know how season 5 was SUPPOSED to end? there was supposed to be 7 more episodes where Slade came back and revived the Brotherhood Of Evil. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN ARSOME OF ARSOME. But then it got cancelled.
(....... i'm misspelling "cancelled" arent i...? *shrug* oh well. i is snart anywho :lmao: )

I get sick of people expecting to find out who Red X is. If they're not going to allow anyone else's identity to be known, why would they let anyone know who Red X is? Sure, I'd like to know, but I'm not raving for a season 6 just to find out. I dont WANT the show to tell us! I want the creators to tell us in an interview or something, I dont WANT their identities to be known IN THE SHOW. I was graduating high school when TT came out so I was almost an adult when I first saw and fell in love with it. My inner child was very pleased. The inner child stays at about 4 years old. Forever. And ever. And if they did bring back the show for a season 6 I wouldnt want them to take off their masks and reveal real names. The inner child never wants to take her superhero costume off, or want to be called a normal name over some cool hero name. they'd wear their halloween costumes to bed if their parents let them.
The way I saw it, every OTHER cartoon show had the heroes taking masks off and using real names, what was so wrong with ONE show that DIDNT do that? Teen Titans was a nice break from the norm.

And... I dont think Raven was called Rachel in the comics at the time TT was first being made. Her name was just Raven Roth, wasnt it? No--I really am not sure. I dont think she was called Rachel until after TT had been made, and Raven was her real first name.
I wasnt lucky enough to read the comics until a few years ago (my brother lent me his e-book with aaaaaaaall the original comics on it :D Blackfire actually becomes a GOOD ruler for Tamaran! Though her name is Komand'r I think...)

I consider the comic versions of the titans and the cartoon versions as different people. with the same name, powers in general and basic histories. Since their looks along with their personalities have been changed so much, they really cant be considered the same people as their comic counterparts.
This is why I cant personally stand that most ALL fans write their fanfictions as combining the 2 worlds--making the TT Slade same as the comic Slade. It's like looking at twins and saying "well, I dont think I get your personality enough, Slade, so I'm going to surgically combine you with your twin who's back story I understand better" I think of these cartoon characters as my friends (however creepy that may seem) and I wouldnt want to combine my twin friends, so I wouldnt want to combine my fictional friends from different medias.
Unless I'm making a joke of some kind or for some other "one-time-esk" reason.

I dont judge the TTG show as a "show" yet, I'm only judging what I can see far. The appearances and the quality writing we can see in the shorts (if the quality changes in the show, then I shall admit to it's individual quality) along with the quality of the voice direction. Which could be better, but it's not too far from the original quality to be honest.
I'm not at war with the idea of giving TTG a chance, but I'm not giving it any slack either. I'm going to give it the same criticism as I would an honest to goodness season 6, and anything else I may love/hate.

What I hate most about it so far is not the show/shorts themselves, it's how most "i signed the petition" fans are treating it. they're defending to the death what they can of it just in hopes that if TTG is a huge success then they'll bring back a real season 6.
uhhhhh... NO morons, put your foam helmets back on.
if TTG is a success, then THEY WONT EVER MAKE A SEASON 6. they'll think TTG is such a hit then there's no reason to make any other show with the characters. these writers are also wierd about using the same character in 2 shows that are both running. Like when the YJ people said "we are never going to use Slade because he's too strongly linked to TT". TT wasnt even RUNNING and they refused to use him. They changed their minds when they decided to make TTG, knowing he wont be in TTG and that the rabid Slade fans migh form a lynch mob. That may be one reason that YJ was cancelled (among many many other reasons) is that they didnt want YJ running with Dick as Nightwing where he's also going to be in TTG.
these writers are sooooooo stupid...

I've no argument with that TTG's in new hands because the original crew is busy. I knew that all along. All the more reason that TTG shouldnt be happening. "Professionals" today get nothing right.

finally... I know you dont want your art in "season 6 is ours" and I fully respect that. But PLEASE PLEASEPLEASE let this journal entry in the group so everyone can see it in the folders! Nothing else, I swear! Just this! This is hilarious! I love you!
kittycakez Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Okay, wow. XD I had to divide this up to be able to respond accordingly. >_>;; Anyway, I appreciate that you took the time out to type up this message after reading my journal (I’ll be getting to yours soon). Sorry I’ve taken so long, I’ve been under some stress lately. And, sure, you can feature this journal in your group if you want. :)

I wouldn’t say my opinion is ‘negative’, for I really do like Teen Titans for what it is—I just wish they had tried a little harder on it to make it more ‘aligned’. That’s fair enough if you liked the warped animation style, I’m sure a lot of people do. I for one, don’t care for it. I can’t see how people (outside of the target audience) can take a show that’s clearly aimed at kids seriously with the animation style and overall characterisations (even without reading/knowing about the comics). And what’s worse? People associate the Teen Titans with the cartoon first and not the comic series, along with the team roster (as mentioned in my journal; there is a comic run that includes Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy, but there was one before that that included Robin, Wonder Girl, Speedy, Aqualad and Kid Flash. And hardly no one seems to acknowledge that because they’re oblivious to it thanks to the show.).

The movie to me, anyway, was the writers fulfilling what they really wanted Teen Titans to be, only they couldn’t have—a generic anime. Think about it: the producer is Japanese, the show is highly influenced by Japanese anime and all of a sudden, (for the one and only movie they could’ve made, no less) they head to Japan where all these references are (to mangas, stereotypical culture, food, etc). Oh, and somewhere among all of this, you may or may not find a shotty plot which consists of an ink man as the main villain. Yeah. Oh, and of course what we were all apparently waiting for: Robin finally makes a move on Starfire after she essentially pressures him into it (XD;;; I…still get the warm fuzzies for it, but they could’ve done way better after all the effort they put into their relationship throughout the show. I mean, a kiss in the rain? Come on. :|).

So, instead of sending the Titans to another city such as, oh… Gotham, Metropolis or Bludhaven (for starters), they get to go to good ol’ Japan. Because that had relevance to the plot/characters. :roll: They missed out on great opportunities for a cross-over with The Justice League, fps. THE JUSTICE LEAGUE.

You’re not misspelling ‘cancelled’. XD

Anyway, as far as identities go; I see your point in it being ‘unique’ that the writers chose not to have them explored but I remember reading specifically that it was because kids wouldn’t get that Robin = Dick Grayson, etc. As a kid, I always wanted to know why no one was taking their masks off, being themselves.

The whole ‘Season 6’ and revolving around Red X thing—yeah, no. I wouldn’t mind a two-parter that at least hinted at Robin finding out who he is (we all know he’s Jason Todd, though. XD). There's no way that'd be able to be stretched out for an entire season. They could have a couple of episodes here and there throughout a season about it. If there was going to be a season 6, I’d like to see (and I know this is the Batman and Robin fangirl in me talking) a Batman/Robin reunion, personally. Imagine the reaction from cartoon!Robin when he sees that he's been replaced by someone else (fuck continuity, if Jason's Red X, the replacement has to be Tim. :XD:).

Heck, we didn’t even get an idea as to why Robin left Batman. Allegedly to ‘work alone’, yet, still in Batman’s shadow as Robin? Okay. :B Same goes for the other characters (besides Raven since we have a pretty good idea as to why she was how she was in the show, even though that’s messed up in comparison to the comics…): What about going back to everyone else’s homes? We don’t even know who Cyborg is. He was left out the most, IMO.

'...I consider the comic versions of the titans and the cartoon versions as different people. with the same name, powers in general and basic histories.'

Fact is though, they’re not different people. The Teen Titans show was based on the comics and the only difference is that they tweaked their pasts/histories so that they’d be more kid-friendly. I personally prefer a good cross-over between the comics and show myself. I like some aspects of the show more than I like the comics and vice versa. i.e. I like the fact that Starfire is more modest in the show, as opposed to the comics whereas, I prefer Raven in the comics because she isn’t some dark, gloomy gothic/emo chick like she is in the show.

TTG is the best anyone is going to see of Teen Titans (as far as a newer series goes) for a long while. You’re right: if TTG is successful, they’re going to go on with that. Not drop it and start a season 6 of the original. Though, I doubt that anyone is going to have a say in the matter. If they were going to make a season 6 based on the fact that all the fans wanted it, they would’ve done so to begin with.

The writers of YJ used that excuse for many of the characters they ended up using on the show. Yet, they didn’t stop to think that using Dick Grayson as a staple in season 1 was a bad idea when linking it to TT? Lol... Oh, let's not forget the fact that by the end of season 2, they basically had all of the Titans (old and new) on the show-- including some villains.
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